Art projects

2020                       Revisited

2019                        Phare Ponleu Selpak

2019                        P A G

2019                        Rêveries

2018                        Pleegzorg 

2016 – 2017          Passage Arcade Galerie 

2016 – 2017          Passage Arcade Galerie: Vitrine

2016                        Passage Arcade Galerie in Color

2016                        Urban Cracks

2015                        Labor

2015                        Tools

2015                        Dreamers


Tille Pepermans is a Belgian artist and illustrator, who lives in Ghent and Brussels. In 2017, she graduated as Master of Arts at School Of Arts (KASK) Ghent, with her project and thesis ‘Passage Arcade Galerie’.

In ‘Passage Arcade Galerie’, different series show different visions of the arcade. After an in-dept literary study about this subject, Tille went to Paris en Brussels and transformed over 40 arcades into thousands of pictures. These pictures are witnesses of a certain type of architecture, a certain experience, and form the basis of Tille’s own, imaginary arcades. The viewer is invited to visit these arcades, and to reflect on the artist’s vision.  

Tille Pepermans’ technique is defined by an interplay between darkness and light. She uses a 6B pencil to create detailed images in a manneristic style. Contrasts are crucial in her works. Pepermans adds colour by using a limited colour-scheme of acrylic paint, which gives her drawings a vivid touch. The uncontrollability of the brush adds a new level of abstraction and creates organic forms. Because of this, the viewer is allowed to invest in his own interpretation. 


2021   –   5/10 – 28/11, Kunst in de Monnikenhoeve, Houtem 

2021   –   24/09 – 21/11,  ZW 21-21 (Mind the artist, Musea Brugge), Arentshuis, Brugge

2021   –   eXPO, CC Strombeek

2020   –   eXPO, CC Strombeek

2019   –   eXPO, CC Strombeek

2018   –   PLEEGZORG ANDERS BEKEKEN, Vilvoorde

2017   –   GRADUATION, Ghent

2016   –   FACES AND PLACES – See @ Sea V, Art Gallery Decrauw, Ostend

2016   –   STOCK #1 – Untitled, Ghent

2015   –   KLEI(n), Machelen

2014   –   JONG BELEGEN, Ghent


2017   –   BRUYNSERAEDE – DE WITTE    –    Honorary prize graphic design


Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.

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