Tille Pepermans is a Belgian artist and illustrator, who lives near Brussels. In 2017, she graduated as Master of Arts at School Of Arts (KASK) Ghent, with her project and thesis ‘Passage Arcade Galerie’.

With her camera in hand, Tille Pepermans walks trough the world and registers every detail. Step by step she fills her image archive. This pictures are the bricks for her visual universe. Every project start with a series of collages where she creates a surreal new world. Here she examines and processes intensely topical themes.

Tille Pepermans’ technique is defined by an interplay between darkness and light. She uses a 6B pencil to create detailed images in a manneristic style. Contrasts are crucial in her works. Her busy and lively compositions acquire rhythm through the interplay of darkness and light. She invites the viewer to actively wonder trough her work and to discover every detail. Every image  is a graphic universe. 


2021   –   Kunst in de Monnikenhoeve, Houtem

2021   –   ZW 21-21 (Mind the artist, Musea Brugge), Arentshuis, Brugge

2021   –   eXPO, CC Strombeek

2020   –   eXPO, CC Strombeek

2019   –   eXPO, CC Strombeek

2018   –   PLEEGZORG ANDERS BEKEKEN, Vilvoorde

2017   –   GRADUATION, Ghent

2016   –   FACES AND PLACES – See @ Sea V, Art Gallery Decrauw, Ostend

2016   –   STOCK #1 – Untitled, Ghent

2015   –   KLEI(n), Machelen

2014   –   JONG BELEGEN, Ghent


2017   –   BRUYNSERAEDE – DE WITTE    –    Honorary prize graphic design


2021   –   Museum Brugge Magazine

2021   –   Collect Magazine

2021   –   BLVRD Magazine

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